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…sheer riding pleasure

More than 20 years as track day operators and race event organizers on Europe´s circuits have taught us the difference between a track day and a good trackday. And with that knowledge we organize our FREE PERFECTION:

O You can put together your practice plan day by day in our webshop

O In our Free Perfection you will not meet track novices (for them, we do our Sportbike Perfection)

O We run our track days in minimum 3, normally 4 groups, composed according to lap times, bike type and rider´s experience

O All motorcycles on the circuit must be approved by scrutineering

O Transponder timekeeping is obligatory, transponder rent is included in the entry fee

O We correct groups already after half a day on the circuit

O Every morning we do new groups acording to the previous´ day´s laptimes

O You can follow your laptimes live on

O Our instructors offer their advice to find the ideal line – be it at the trackwalk, at the virtual lap or with the track map.

O You can book 1-to-1-tuition either in single sessions or full days of Top Teaching with our IDM-Coach Marc Buchner

O The official Bridgestone Race Service always comes with a truck full of grip at fair prices

O Steven May offers his ultra competent chassis and set up  advice

O The smaltmoto team is there to help you in case of technical trouble

O You will always find coffee, fruit, biscuits and time for a chat next to our laptime monitor screen